School of Roars

+++ Season 2: Brand New +++

Welcome back to the School of Roars, where monsters go to growl and grow. We bring you a brand new season of the hugely popular series, with even more adventures for Wufflebump, Yummble, Icklewoo, Meepa and Wingston, a class of loveable monster friends who together with their teacher, Miss Grizzlesniff, experience one of life’s biggest challenges… starting school! The series features a delightful mix of comedy and gentle learning, putting a monstery twist on first school experiences, and covering issues such as telling the truth, pushing in, sharing, self-confidence, healthy eating, listening, conquering fears and using your imagination… In series two, there are also seasonal episodes featuring a crazy ‘Beaster Egg Hunt,’ a Halloween themed ‘Pumpkin Parade,’ and a Christmas celebration at the school — the ‘Frostival.’


104 x 7’


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Dot to Dot Productions Ltd.

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