Dalli Dalli

Dalli Dalli — that means you’re playing against the clock! It takes serious spontaneity and creativity to solve tricky problems in quick-fire guessing rounds. This timeless quiz show brings teams of two celebrities together in competitions full of laughter and suspense to be judged by a jury of three, plus extra points when the host asks the enthusiastic audience “Do you think that was … GREAT?” with his legendary leap.

In this show, there are several funny action games like the legendary puzzle of pictures “Dalli Klick” and the duel of questions on the “Dalli scale.”

150’ or 90’/60’


Celebrity, Games, Action, Fun, Teams, Suspense, Beat the Clock

Produced by:
Riverside Entertainment

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  • Action Games

    The action games are at the heart of „Dalli Dalli“! The teams are asked to perform various tasks, which normally require some physical input and dressing up. They run, jump, climb, sing, etc. Each game involves both team members who each generally take up a particular role in the game, swapping at half time.

  • Dalli Klick

    When playing „Dalli Klick“, the candidates must recognise objects or persons from photographs shown on the monitor. Initially, most of the picture is covered, and more and more parts are revealed. The candidates must answer quickly, as they have only 45 seconds to recognise as many depicted objects or faces as possible. The two team partners again play at the same time.

  • Dalli Dalli Tonleiter

    These are the quiz elements of the show. Here, the candidates must answer questions on various topics. Each correct answer adds 2 points to their team score.
    The „Dalli Tonleiter“ is a scale of 8 steps that the candidates climb up when giving correct answers.

    Both partners play again at the same time. The team that buzzes first can win the points. If the answer is incorrect, the competing team climbs gets the point and goes up one step.

    For the „Dalli Fragebogen“ game, the candidates are given a questionnaire with 20 questions on a specific topic. Within 100 seconds, they must answer as many of the questions as possible. Here, the candidates answer alternately. Conferring is forbidden!

  • Host & Celebrities

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  • Jury

    Zum Dalli-Dalli-Team gehört eine Jury. Sie sitzt an einem speziellen Pult und bewertetet die Leistungen der Kandidaten
    Kurzer Clip der letzten Jury mit Rosi Mittermaier und Christian Neureuther

  • Studio audience

    The studio audience has its say! The studio audience participates in the action as its members can push a button if they feel that a team has done particularly well. If a majority of the audience pushes the button, there is a loud audio signal. The game show host acknowledges this support with a catch phrase and a jump into
    the air, while the respective team is awarded an extra point.

    Host: „You think this was …“
    Audience: „TOPS!“


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