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New in: fairy tales and movies for all generations

Apart from our selection of hugely successful series for kids, tweens and teens, ZDFE.junior is pleased to present you its new Movie Catalogue. A wonderful selection of classical fairy tales, movies and feature films ready to be enjoyed by the whole family. Enjoy browsing through the catalogue.


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  • The Witch Princess

    Live Action | Family | 1 x 90′

    The King’s two daughters could hardly be more unequal: Amalindis, the first-born of the twins, tries to live up to her father’s expectations: Conscious of her duty, she wants to agree to marry Prince Tanka. Zottel, on the other hand, the second-born, doesn’t feel connected to her nobility, but rather to the great outdoors and a full-grown wolf. She’s a wild girl who sleeps in the forest and has long since fallen out with her father. Suddenly, however, three witches break into this life and kidnap Amalindis. They have every reason to do so. After all, eighteen years ago, they helped the queen to get pregnant. Now they are taking the prize for it, knowing that they have planted the seed in the first-born to be a witch herself. They consider this a prerequisite for the eldest of them to be able to rejuvenate herself in order to survive. She wants to slip into Amalindis’s body for the next eclipse. Zottel suspects that time could run out before this transformation. Despite Tanka’s resistance, she sets out on the dangerous path to save her sister. He insists on accompanying her though. But the way to the witches’ castle is long and dangerous. Moreover, Zottel is amazed to discover that she herself possesses the magical powers that the witches suspect are in Amalindis. Is this a fatal mix-up?

    Produced by: Provobis


  • Snow White and the Magic of the Dwarfs

    Live Action | Family | 1 x 90′

    For many years, the vain Queen has hidden her stepdaughter from the world. When the Queen wants Snow White to marry the rich Count Sebalt against her will, however, everyone sees that Snow White is more beautiful than the Queen. The Queen cannot bear this and gives her brother Gilig the order to murder Snow White. But Snow White escapes with the help of the dwarfs. They live hidden in the forest, where they use their breath – the mysterious life force inherent in nature – to create magical objects. They also made the magic mirror that always tells the truth for the Queen, who took this mirror away from them. Tormented by her fear of growing old, the Queen gives the leader of the dwarfs a new mission: The dwarfs are to make her a wig that will give her eternal youth and thus secure her reign. Snow White decides to take up the fight against the presumptuous Queen.

    Produced by: Provobis


  • Rübezahl’s Treasure

    Live Action | Family | 1 x 90′

    Rübezahl is a folklore mountain spirit and the protector of the Giant Mountains, a mountain range along the border between the historical lands of Bohemia and Silesia. He varies physically. He can take the appearance of a hunter, a junker, a wolf or a rover and roam around. When he falls in love with Rosa, a maid-servant, he uses his talent and appears in different figures to get close to her. Thus he neglects his duty with the result that the sleeky baroness of Harrat uses the chance to implement her nasty plan: to become the ruler of the wood land and get hold of Rübezahl’s golden treasure…

    Produced by: Provobis

  • Sweet Porridge

    Live Action | Family | 1 x 85′

    With a sense of melancholy, people remember a pot that once gave them sweet porridge in abundance. But the pot, as one song says, was shattered and its parts scattered to the four winds. The girl Jola doesn’t believe stories like these. However, in her desperate search for food for her mother and her siblings, she meets a mysterious forest woman who promises her the magic pot if she shows courage, mercy and wisdom. Jola sets out to find the broken pieces. She is quickly joined by a young man named Veit, who seems to be helpful, but is actually driven by another motive: Veit is in debt, pursued by evil bill collectors and is being blackmailed by his brother, Count Ruben, who is anything but brotherly. The magical pot would be a booty that would quickly relieve Veit of his worries. But through the dangers they overcome together, affection develops between Jola and Veit. They successfully defend themselves against the greedy money collectors and the Count, and reassemble the pot. At last, the hungry can eat their fill again.

    Produced by: Kinderfilm GmbH


  • The Sorcerer's Apprentice

    Live Action | Family | 1 x 88′

    Valentin nearly became an apprentice to the sorcerer Ambrosius. But he ends up with the enigmatic apothecary Zacharias and gets caught up in the battle for the Queen’s favour and the future of the country. Valentin begins to unmask the intrigues of the treacherous Ambrosius. At the sa me time, he wants to help the girl Katrina, whose sister was once turned to stone out of delusions of grandeur and can now no longer be revived by spells. It is fortunate that Master Ambrosius, the great magician of the land and advisor to the Queen, is in need of an apprentice at the moment. Valentin is sure that spellcasting is just the thing for him. Although his amazing talent is shown during the examination, he is tricked by Katrina, the only competitor, and doesn’t get the job. Instead, he finds shelter in the old master Zacharias’s pharmacy. However, due to a horrible, self-inflicted misfortune, he no longer performs magic and for the time being only instructs Valentin in the secrets of herbs and healing. Deeply dissatisfied with this, Valentin sets out on his own to learn the art of magic. Starting with a plague of rats that appeared overnight and disappeared just as quickly, he encounters a series of secrets that are wondrously interconnected and which he uncovers with the help of Katrina: an adventure that, if it ends badly, could take the lives of the two sorcerer’s apprentices, the Queen of the Land’s crown and all happiness from the world.

    Produced by: MDR / Kinderfilm GmbH


  • King Laurin

    Live Action | Family | 1 x 85′ and 4 x 22′

    Many years ago, dwarfs and humans lived peacefully together in one kingdom ruled by a human, King Dietrich. When the King’s wife died from tragic belladonna poisoning, Dietrich blamed the dwarfs, as they were responsible for the royal gardens. He then banished all dwarfs from the kingfom, and from that day forth, no more plants grew in the kingdom. Ruling alone, Dietrich is respected and feared by all — unlike his undersized son, Theo. The boy dreams of being a great ruler like his father one day. But after losing yet another physical competition, he runs away to the mountains and falls into a steep ravine. To his surprise, he is saved by the dwarven King Laurin, who takes him to his rose garden. Despite mutual scepticism, they develop an unlikely friendship. But everything changes when Theo steals King Laurin’s magical power belt to help himself win a tournament …

    Produced by: Sparkling Pictures

    • Goldener Spatz — “Best Feature Film”
    • Children Media Prize — “White Elephant”
    • Gilde Award — “Best Children Film”

  • At Eye Level

    Live Action | Family | 1 x 98′

    Ten year-old Michael has been living in a children’s home ever since the death of his mother and longs to be part of a real family again. One day, he is bouncing around his mother’s home when he finds a letter and uncovers a clue about his father, Tom. Full of anticipation, he sets out to visit his father. He boldly expects his father to be some big and powerful giant who’ll be ready to take on all his foes. The reality turns out to be quite different, as Tom is a little bit… vertically challenged! When the other children in the home find out, they mock and taunt him. In turn, Michael holds his newly found father responsible. He becomes quite unreasonable as he vents his anger and frustration, which puts their fragile relationship to the test. At Eye Level is a charming father-son story with a strong message of tolerance in every respect. The film has won several prizes and is the only children’s feature film to have been on the Academy Awards long list.

    Produced by: Rat Pack Filmproduktion

    • German Film Award “LOLA” – “Outstanding Children or Youth Film”
    • Munich Film Festival – “Children’s Film Festival Audience Award”
    • Grand Prix Okinawa
    • Valladolid International Film Festival „Best Film“
    • Calgary International Film Festival – “Best of Festival & Best Drama”
    • New Delhi International Film Festival “SMILE“ – „Best Story”



  • Dance Academy – The Comeback

    Live Action | 10+ / Family | 1 x 97′ and 4 x 25′

    Former ballet student Tara Webster was destined to become one of the top dancers of her generation before a devastating injury crippled her career. Over the last eighteen months, she has tried to embrace student life, but she cannot get over her dream of becoming a professional dancer. Pursuing a near-impossible comeback, Tara leaves her life and love behind in Sydney and travels to New York. But rejections pile up as Tara has trouble conforming to the ballet dancer ideal. She must find her own voice before she loses everything that matters in the pursuit of her dream. A collaboration between award-winning producer Joanna Werner (AFI, AACTA and Logie awards), award-winning writer Samantha Strauss (Logie and Australian Writer’s Guild awards), and renowned director Jeffrey Walker (H2O — Just Add Water, Modern Family), Dance Academy is an exhilarating drama for tweens, teens, families and anyone, anywhere, who’s ever had a dream.

    Produced by: Werner Film Productions

    • Kidscreen Award
    • AWGIE Award
    • 2x International Emmy Award Nominee
    • New York Festivals International TV & Film Award

  • The Hunt for Hannibal’s Treasure

    Live Action | Family | 1 x 90′ 

    Someone has broken into Fred Fox’s construction trailer and stolen the plans to his newest invention. In addition, the thieves have taken three little puppies hostage to get from Fred what they really came for: the map to find an an[1]cient treasure… Fred, 11-year-old Laila and Fred’s dog Cooky hunt for the thieves and try to rescue the puppies. It’s only when they reach the thieves’ hideout in an old castle that they realize who’s behind the evil plan and what they really want. The adventure comes to a dramatic showdown in the Alps: will Fred be able to stop the thieves from putting their plan into action and get them all home safely?

    Produced by: Studio.TV.Film

    • Minsk International Film Festival — “Golden Listapadzik Award”

  • The Wall Between Us

    Live Action | 10+ / Family | 1 x 110′ 

    1986 17 year-old Anna travels to East Berlin as part of a group of young people attending a youth meeting between East and West organized by the church. There she meets Phillip. It is “love at first sight.” But the happiness of young love is overshadowed by a bitter reality: Will they be able to carry on a relationship from opposite sides of the wall? The few hours they are able to snatch together are broken up by months of longing and desperation. The longer the relationship runs, the clearer the hopelessness of their situation becomes. Then, during a visit, disaster strikes. Anna is banned from the GDR. Philipp’s attempt to escape fails and he is arrested… Three years later. Anna in the meanwhile has a relationship with Lorenz, an old school friend of hers. November 9, 1989. Anna is watching spellbound as the events surrounding the fall of the wall unfold. But she suppresses all thoughts of reviving her relationship with Phillip. Then, one day in the spring of 1990, Phillip suddenly appears on her doorstep. Despite their self-consciousness, they both realize how strong their feelings for one another still are. Anne is faced with a major dilemma. Should she give up her new life in order to follow her heart?

    Produced by: Kevin Lee Filmgesellschaft mbH

  • Mister Twister at the Pitch

    Live Action | 6 – 10 / Family | 1 x 75′ 

    When Mister Twister suddenly has to take care of his mother during the middle of the school soccer competition, Mrs. Dreus steps in to replace him as coach. Team 6B’s results take a massive nose dive, so Tobias decides to think of something to make Mister Twister come back. Thankfully, the class is simply bursting with talent. They help Mister Twister take care of his mother, and he’s back on the pitch for the final to be their coach.

    Produced by: PV Pictures

  • Mister Twister in the Clouds

    Live Action | 6 – 10 / Family | 1 x 75′ 

    Class 6b surprises Mister Twister with a very special present for his birthday and he treats them to cake… A big school dance is approaching fast, but Tobias is too shy to ask Hasna as his date. Mister Twister doesn’t have time to help him out as he is very busy avoiding Marie Lousie who gave him a hot balloon ride as a present. While Mrs. Dreus is teaching class 6B the waltz and everybody picks out a suit or dress for Tobias, everything seems to go wrong. Fortunately, Mister Twister conquers his fear of heights just in time and saves the festive night. Maybe he’ll even dare to go in the hot air balloon…

    Produced by: PV Fiction BV

  • Mako Mermaids | Movie 1

    Live Action | 10+ | 1 x 90′ 

    While teenage mermaids SIRENA, NIXIE and LYLA are on duty protecting Mako Island, a boy named ZAC falls into the Moon Pool and becomes a merman. The mermaids are blamed and cast out of the mermaid pod. Their only way back in is to swap their tails for legs, venture onto land and take back ZAC’s powers. But after ZAC gets over the shock of his transformation, and manages to keep it secret from his girlfriend EVIE, he decides he likes being a merman, especially when he discovers the existence of the mysterious and powerful merman Trident.

    „A smash-hit program and worldwide success story“

    Produced by: Jonathan M. Shiff Productions

  • Mako Mermaids | Movie 2

    Live Action | 10+ | 1 x 90′ 

    Determined to reclaim Mako Island for their pod, two young mermaids ONDINA and MIMMI join SIRENA on land to help break merman ZAC’s connection to the into a mermaid, and ERIK, the hot new boy in town who is also a merman, develops feelings for ONDINA. But the mermaids’ biggest challenge comes when the powerful Trident resurfaces and ZAC starts having visions of using it – visions that he surprisingly shares with MIMMI. In a race against time, ONDINA, MIMMI and SIRENA must uncover the purpose of a mysterious merman Chamber on Mako which ERIK is determined to control.

    Produced by: Jonathan M. Shiff Productions


  • Mako Mermaids | Movie 3

    Live Action | 10+ | 1 x 90′ 

    fter the Eastern mermaid pod is destroyed by a terrifying water dragon, teenage mermaid WEILAN flees to the Gold Coast and takes refuge with the Mako mermaids. WEILAN and ONDINA don’t get along and things get worse when the water dragon arrives and threatens the Mako pod. Merman ZAC’s desperate attempt to destroy the dragon fails and it seems as if the Mako pod is doomed until the mermaids start to believe that the dragon may not be what it seems.

    Produced by: Jonathan M. Shiff Productions

  • H2O – Just Add Water | Movie 1

    Live Action | 10+ | 1 x 90′

    H2O – Just Add Water, sees three very different girls facing everyday teen problems with an added twist – they’re mermaids with incredible powers over water.

    When three very different teenage girls, EMMA, CLEO and RIKKI, are stranded on mysterious Mako Island, they swim through a cavern under the full moon and become mermaids with the power to shape, freeze or heat water. The new mermaids try to resume their normal lives but keeping their abilities secret from friends and family isn’t easy. The result is some wild adventures that make the mermaids realise how much they mean to each other. When their friend LEWIS learns about their secret, he helps the mermaids try to work out what happened to them before a suspicious scientist finds proof of what the girls really are.

    „A succesful program that is enjoyed by audiences in over 160 territories of the world!“

    Produced by: Jonathan M. Shiff Productions

  • H2O – Just Add Water | Movie 2

    Live Action | 10+ | 1 x 90’

    After basking in the Moon Pool under the full moon, EMMA, CLEO and RIKKI make the shocking discovery that their powers have dramatically increased. It’s a mystery why this has happened, but problems with their boyfriends take priority. CLEO breaks up with LEWIS and the new girl CHARLOTTE makes a play for LEWIS. But while CLEO is deciding if she wants LEWIS back, CHARLOTTE becomes a mermaid imbued with all the other mermaids’ powers. In a dramatic showdown on Mako Island, EMMA, CLEO and RIKKI face CHARLOTTE, but even their amplified powers may not be enough to stop her.

    Produced by: Jonathan M. Shiff Productions

  • H2O – Just Add Water | Movie 3

    Live Action | 10+ | 1  x 90′

    When teenage mermaid RIKKI is attacked by a mys-terious and frightening water tentacle, she and her friend EMMA are unable defeat it until BELLA, a new mermaid in town, comes to the rescue. No one can figure out why this is happening, but as the attacks by water continue, it seems as if the Moon Pool may be turning against the mermaids. BELLA’s boyfriend and his sister discover the Moon Pool, so EMMA, RIKKI and BELLA must find a way to save their pool which reveals the shocking discovery that the water attacks are a warning of terrible things to come.

    Produced by: Jonathan M. Shiff Productions

  • The Elephant Princess | Movie 1

    Live Action | 10+ | 1 x 90′

    Alex sometimes sleeps in, she’s messy and now and again she forgets to do her homework. In other words, she’s a normal girl living in a very normal suburb. Ask her what she wants from life, she’ll tell you she wants her band to make it big! One day, an exotic young man with an elephant arrives and tells her she’s really a Princess of the mystical kingdom, Manjipoor. With this inheritance comes magical powers – and a huge challenge. But does being a Princess really count compared to rock and roll immortality? Can Alex embrace her new destiny? Because if she can’t, everything and everyone she knows is in danger.

    Produced by: Jonathan M. Shiff Productions

  • The Elephant Princess | Movie 2

    Live Action | 10+ | 1 x 90′

    Alex Wilson has it all. She can spend her day being Princess of the magical kingdom of Manjipoor, hanging out with her loyal servant and good friend Kuru, loving all the magic powers and perks (like Royal Elephants) that come with the gig – and return to her best friends in the real world in time to rock the house in their band. But the magical return of Alex’s enemy Diva brings up the forbidden powers of Dark Magic. Kuru’s oldest friend, Zamira, and her handsome brother Caleb become part of Diva’s quest and it isn’t long before Alex and Caleb fall for each other. Has Alex fallen for the most dangerous enemy? Or will Caleb be the key to stopping Diva and getting rid of Dark Magic once and for all?

    Produced by: Jonathan M. Shiff Productions

  • The Lost Treasure of Fiji

    Live Action | 10+ | 1 x 90′

    Ace online teen gamers Tyler, Kirra and Alison get sucked into the virtual world of a brand-new adventure game, “Lost Treasure of Fiji,” by the pirate Blackheart. The kids find themselves in a “virtual” 19th-century Fiji that turns out to have very real dangers for them. They have to find their way home by winning challenges, fighting courageously, thinking strategically, sticking together, surrendering to the magic of Fiji – and getting in touch with what they feel inside.

    Produced by: Jonathan M. Shiff Productions

  • Wicked Science

    Live Action | 10+ | 1 x 93′

    Toby Johnson is a regular easy-going student struggling with homework and girls. Elizabeth Hawke is the Teacher’s pet. Nobody at school likes her and the only person she likes is Toby. One day they get hit by a ray – a unique magnetic pulse that changes everything. Suddenly they’re both scientific geniuses! Seems like a wild situation for any 15 years-old. Toby can bring extinct creatures back to life and create a blizzard inside a classroom. But he doesn’t know how to control the gift and he’s not comfortable with it. Unlike Elizabeth, who revels in her new found power and tries to use it to attract Toby. But when Toby resists her advances, she turns against him and decides to use her gift as the ultimate weapon for fame and success. Battle lines are drawn between the two wizards of science. The normal world of Sandy Bay School is turned upside down by flying lawnmowers, a giant walking doll and a rampaging T-Rex!

    Produced by: Jonathan M. Shiff Productions

  • Scooter Secret Agent

    Live Action | 10+ | 1 x 90′

    Scooter Carpenter is possibly the world’s clumsiest kid. He’s a magnet for disaster wherever he goes, but even though he’s just a pizza delivery boy, Scooter knows he’s destined for far greater things. What exactly? He’s not sure. When he discovers a secret super computer belonging to one of the world’s greatest Secret Agents, Scooter starts to believe that maybe fate is taking a hand. To the horror of his best friend Melanie, Scooter decides he’s going to accept the missions a mysterious “Agency” keeps sending out via the computer to someone named “Agent X-19.” Totally undaunted, this very accident prone kid dives headlong into a world of master criminals, highly prized artefacts, smuggling, hijacking and international intrigue.

    Produced by: Jonathan M. Shiff Productions

  • Shorty and the Legend of the Enchanted Reef

    Animation | 6 – 10 / Family | 1 x 66′

    After their home reef is destroyed by a fish trawler, Jake and Shorty, two young fish friends, along with Indigo, Shorty’s sister, go on a quest to find a legendary coral reef, one that has never been found by humans. The trio sets out on an adventurous journey, where they will learn about courage, friendship and the ocean’s last underwater haven.

    „The film combines thrilling and humorous entertainment with educational elements.“

    Produced by: GEFA & Softmachine,
    Softmachine Immersive Productions,
    Experimenta Science Center,

  • Kaluoka’hina – The Enchanted Reef

    Animation | 6 – 10 / Family | 1 x 33′

    The young sawfish Jake and his happy-go-lucky pal Shorty live in Kaluoka’hina, an enchanted reef protected by a spell that makes it invisible to humans. One day, when the spell is broken, Jake and Shorty must venture into the vast corners of the ocean on a quest to restore the magic to their beloved reef. Their only lead: the ancient legend that tells of touching the moon… But how is a fish supposed to touch the moon?

    Produced by: Softmachine Immersive Productions

  • Alice-Miranda – Friends Forever

    Animation | 6 – 10 | 1 x 80′

    An extraordinary young girl, who, at the age of nine and three quarters, has organized her own early entry into boarding school along with her cheeky pony, Bonaparte. She’s the youngest girl ever to attend the Winchesterfield Downsfordvale Girls Academy, a delightful country Australian boarding school with a difference – It is a place of friendship and fun, but also of high drama, mystery and intrigue… The movie is a treasure trove of marvelous mysteries that need solving and a whole stack of challenges Alice-Miranda and her friends must face. Luckily the girls are up for it! Alice-Miranda’s two best friends are Millie and Jacinta, and the boarding school they attend is a dream come true for these young girls. A home away from home, where you never have to leave your friends and you can have all the exciting adventures any girl could dream of.

    Produced by: SLR Productions

  • Alice-Miranda – A Royal Christmas Ball

    Animation | 6 – 10 | 1 x 80′

    Alice-Miranda Highton-Smith-Kennington-Jones has survived her first year at Winchesterfield Downsfordvale and Alice-Miranda, Millie, Jacinta and Lucas are looking forward to the holidays with so much excitement and fun to be had, including some high drama, mystery and intrigue. There is Alice-Miranda’s impending birthday celebrations aboard a cruise ship; the annual Downsfordvale Horse Race and town fair; and a Royal Christmas Ball to be held at their school celebrating Queen Georgiana’s silver jubilee. But Alice-Miranda is having one of those strange feelings that she must get to the bottom of first. With the help of her friends, they must catch a jewel thief, save Bony the Pony who’s been kidnapped, and uncover a dastardly scheme to bring down the Royal family. Alice-Miranda – A Royal Christmas Ball is as magnificent as ever, with a treasure trove of marvellous mysteries that need solving and a whole stack of challenges Alice-Miranda and her friends must face. Luckily they are all up for it!

    Produced by: SLR Productions

  • Jungle Book

    Animation | 6 – 10 | 1 x 60′

    There’s trouble in the Jungle again and Mowgli and Mani are at the centre of it all as usual! While Mowgli and Mani are enjoying their time drumming away at logs in the jungle, all hell is breaking loose. Tabaqui is stuck in a well, Appu gets lost, there’s something fishy going on at the Cold Lair and Shere Khan is determined to find Mowgli and make a fine meal out of him especially since he knows the rumble in the jungle is coming from Mowgli! But before he can get to Mowgli, he decides to save Tabaqui, after all he needed to ensure his trusted slave could lead him to the buffalo meat nearby. Shere Khan gets Mani first before he can get to the man cub! Will Mani escape safely and join Mowgli and his friends in the rumble of the jungle? Will Mowgli escape the clutches of the evil Shere Khan?

    Produced by: DQ Entertainment International

  • Knight Rusty – Full Metal Racket

    Animation | 6 – 10 | 1 x 85′

    Scrapland is going broke, as over half the country’s budget pays for the upkeep of King Leadfoot and his Knights, and the downsizing options are limited and obvious. Forced into early retirement, Knight Rusty is looking for a new job. In the basement of his castle, he meets a ghost who shows him some of Rusty’s father’s unfinished work, from his days as one of Scrapland’s most creative inventors. When power-crazed police try to take the country by force, Rusty finally accepts that he must do what he was created for: protect Scrapland and his father’s vision!

    Produced by: Caligari Film- und Fernsehproduktions GmbH

  • Q Pottle 5 – Christmas Special

    Animation | Preschool | 1 x 25′

    A wonderful Christmas adventure! It’s Christmas time on Okidoki and Q Pootle 5 and his friends are very excited. The decorations are up and food is being prepared as the friends arrive at the shack to rehearse the Christmas show. But the rehearsals are suddenly interrupted by a mayday call over the radio – someone is in danger, their spaceship is hurtling through space out of control! Pootle and Oopsy head off to find the spaceship. In a thrilling chase, the out-of-control spaceship crashes on the edge of a ravine and topples over the edge. Q Pootle 5 and his friends rush to the rescue and are amazed to discover the pilot is Santa Claus. It’s down to Q Pootle 5 and his friends to save Santa Claus, his presents and Christmas! The show features a wonderful Christmas song and two new characters, Santa Claus and Planet Roger!

    Produced by: Q Pootle 5 Ltd. and Snapper Productions

  • Laura’s Christmas Star

    Animation | Preschool | 1 x45′

    Laura and her family are driving to their holiday cottage when their car gets stuck in a snowstorm. The four of them are offered shelter by an old man, who lets them stay in his barn at the edge of the forest. At the moment when Laura most needs her star, he suddenly appears, making a magic winter spectacle from thousands of ice stars. And now that they are in the mood for miracles, Laura and her little brother Tommy also find an answer to the burning question of who the real Father Christmas is. Accompanied by the old man – they firmly believe in him now, and he is Father Christmas for them – and of course Laura’s star, they set off on Christmas Eve, in a sledge that takes them over the forest and over the big city. And Laura and Tommy, who has by now forgotten all the silly presents he wished for, give gifts of crystal ice stars…

    Produced by: MIM AG and Mondo TV

  • Dwarf Long Nose

    Live Action | Family | 1 x 90′

    The Dwarf Nose rises above his fate and enchants everyone with his extraordinary skills as a cook.

    Anyone who falls into the clutches of Fairy Kräuterweis has nothing to laugh about. Jakob has to serve her for seven years and, on top of that, is transformed into a dwarf. The fact that he learns to cook better than anyone else does not cause him to lose faith in his destiny. In the end, thanks to his cooking skills, he gets the chance to return to his former self.

    Produced by: Provobis

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