Auru is a 15-year-old Polynesian.
He’s the son of Papa-Tuanaku, the village chief.
As future heir, Auru sometimes thinks he’s already chief and he „acts like it“.

He’s a boaster, a show-off who likes to joke and show off his muscles, but who can also prove to be a bit of a coward, especially when faced with unexplained phenomena.
Also in love with Timeti, he likes to taunt Yann by laying down challenges. But confrontation between the two young roosters conceals a very real spirit of mutual support and camaraderie. Yann and Auru are friends and respect each other, but they find it hard to admit it.


In this season 2, Auru falls in love with Clarissa. Suddenly he is no longer in competition with Yann to conquer Timeti’s heart, which does not prevent him from competing for everything else.
Auru, who is quite superstitious, is impressed with Timeti’s new status and skills as a shaman.